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You could contact us if necessary in order to provide quicker and more accurate information and service. Please select one or several means you believe most appropriate from those below, we will provide the help in our power.
Leap Management Consulting Suzhou head office
Direct Line: 0512-62620081
Address: Room 1221, Genway Tower, No. 188, Wangdun Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
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Leap Management Consulting Nanjing Branch office
Direct Line: 025-69656266
Address: 36A, IFC, No#1 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing
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Leap Management Consulting Shanghai Branch office
Direct Line: 021-62290915
Address: 17H, Zhaofeng world Trade Center , No#369 Jiangsu Road, Shanghai
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Leap Management Consulting Hangzhou Branch office
Direct Line: 0571-85305670
Address: Rui Jing International Building, No. 198, Wuxing Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou 1802-2
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Leap Management Consulting Singapore Branch office
Direct Line: +86 18625239080
Address: 1 Venture Avenue #04-12 Singapore 608521
Contact information of different specialization
Senior Management:
Contact: Sean Cheng
Tel: 0512-62620031
Production and Operation:
Contact: Len Zhou
Tel: 0512-62620032
Human Resources, Sales & Marketing:
Contact: George Wang
Tel: 0512-62620035
Finance and Information Technology:
Contact: Frank Wu
Tel: 0512-62620619
Engineering & RD:
Contact: Dennis Zhang
Tel: 0512-62620082
Supply Chain Management:
Contact: Keelyn Wu
Tel: 0512-62620051
Quality & Continuous Improvement:
Contact: Len Zhou
Tel: 0512-62620032
Industrial Automation:
Contact: Cathy Su
Tel: 0512-62620615
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